We start our design processes by determining the design requirements suitable for mass production in accordance with customer needs and relevant standards, and proceed in an integrated manner with effective change management, repeatability and traceability and manufacturability evaluation processes within the scope of configuration management. We act with our experience in applying military and medical standards as well as prototypes and test processes in accordance with IPC standards and production techniques.


We operate with our Quality Management System certified in line with AS 9100 and TS EN ISO 9001 2015 requirements. Moreover, we are one of the few companies that have been certified as Class A in both design and production within the scope of EYDEP carried out by the SSB. We also meet the industry-specific requirements of IEEE/EIA 12207, IEEE 1220 and MIL-STD-498 in engineering processes, and MILSTD-973 and ANSI/EIA-649 requirements in Configuration Management processes and we carry out the documentation processes required in this context as per the relevant standards.


We provide electromechanical assembly services with our qualified staff in two
different production areas totalling 2200 m². We carry out the assembly of the
prototype electromechanical unit, the location of the materials used and the design
of the cable set to be used, the selection and application of EMI / EMC and thermal
materials, the preparation of the unit and cable set documents, and the completion
of the assembly of the unit.