12 years of experience
Professional Team
Barko Elektronik


As Barko Elektronik, we have been operating in the field of electronic design and manufacturing since 2011; we design and manufacture devices, systems and subsystems for the defence, aerospace, medical and industrial electronics industries with our experienced staff. In the light of our R&D studies, we offer original solutions as well as demand-oriented design and manufacturing. We realise our projects from idea to product at all stages in line with sectoral requirements and quality standards.

By means of our strong and cost-effective supply network, mass production orientated R&D approach, full automated assembly line, IPC trained production team, machinery, harness design and elecrtromechanical assembling capability, qualification tests and after sales support, we are capable of delivering turnkey projects. We ensure the reliability of our products with our quality management system and traceability. We direct our new projects with the data we have collected as a result of the products we have developed and produced for more than 10 years, which have been used in the field under harsh conditions and successfully fulfilled their duties, and with the aim of localising the products needed in our country